Sunday, April 24, 2005

Idle thoughts while driving

When I get angry at someone who cuts me off on the highway, I think that it is at least partly due to the fact that the person has needlessly put my life at risk. With his one thoughtless act the other driver has threatened to take away that which is most valued, that is, in fact, the root of all values. Every moment of life is precious and will not come again so how dare this person put those moments of my life in danger; what right do they have? Justifiably, I respond with indignation, anger and, perhaps, even rage.
Though herein lies the dilemma. By allowing anger to fill that particular moment, it is I who have chosen to make my life that much less precious as even that moment will not come again. Furthermore, the longer I hold on to that anger and let it fill more moments of my life, the less precious it becomes still.
In every moment of life you should, in effect, be asking yourself, "am I living this time to its fullest potential, am I getting everything out of it that it has to offer?" Perhaps, instead of responding with anger I should thank the person who cut me off, thank them for waking me up and reminding me how truly important every moment of life should be.


joyisonesfuel said...

smiling...thanks for sharing this...

JC Moss said...

I like your perspective