Sunday, February 21, 2016

Off the rails

Sometimes, it seems, you need to come crashing down hard for no apparent reason other than to remember what it feels like to pick yourself back up again.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Each week when I walk into her office she begins by asking something along the lines of "what have you noticed?" In response, I generally launch into whatever it is I've been thinking about or feeling or struggling with recently. I have rarely given much deep consideration to the specific question itself. I realize that perhaps it isn't intended to be taken so specifically, that it's main purpose is likely just to spur the process. Nonetheless, it is a very good question, especially when taken specifically.

More importantly, I think it also begs the fundamental question of "have you been noticing?" Have you been staying present and aware in your daily life? If so, what has been the focus of that awareness? What things have drifted to the forefront of your consciousness? But, also, what are those things still flitting about the periphery?

What have I noticed?

And what has gone unnoticed?