Sunday, June 14, 2015

Healing time

Time does not heal all wounds.
For some it does nothing at all.
Instead, they seem only to grow deeper.
They may scar over,
Masking their depth from other's view.
But, beneath the surface...
they continue digging, ever closer to the core.


Debi Cummings said...

That is only if those wounds are left untended. The wounds that are treated along the way with care heal quite nicely with not much of a scar at all.

Debi Cummings said...

Amazingly I have found that even those wounds that have scarred over can be cut open. Once we begin to clean out the old wounds even they can begin to heal. The older and deeper the wounds the longer they may take to heal, this process is much more invasive and indepth but can hit to the core. Yet, still they may lead us to the ever illusive light at the end of the tunnel.