Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Forward to the Past

Here's my thought for "Back to the Future" Day such that it is:
I sometimes feel born either 100 years too soon or 100 too late.


Jill Homer said...

I used to think my ideal era would be the Turn of the Century, but then I remember that I'm a woman and wouldn't have ended up on an Antarctic sailing expedition or in the Klondike gold fields; I probably would have been married at 18 and maybe died in childbirth.

If they made a "Back to the Future" movie about 2115 based on current predictions, it would likely be a dystopic thriller about survival amid worsening climate change and famine.

Perhaps there is no best era.

Steve Ansell said...

Good thoughts, Jill. What always predisposes these thoughts in me is the feeling that the ideals of self-reliance and personal responsibility seem to be fading more and more in our culture over the past 100 years. Yet, these seem to me the very qualities that will somehow need to be re-invigorated if we are to survive another 100 years.

Really there is no "best era" because you only have this one in which you live and so must make the best of it. It's only our romanticized ideas of the past and unrealized expectations of the future that make it seem otherwise.