Wednesday, March 16, 2016

In a place

One year of circling the sun and right back where we started.

However, a year is not a completely exact measure of travel around the sun and there are subtle changes and oscillations in the orbit. Not to mention the fact that our solar system is orbiting around the center of our galaxy and the galaxy is moving within the universe and let's not forget that the universe itself is expanding. So, are we really ever in the "same" place again?

I suppose, if we choose a specific frame of reference we can claim to be roughly in the same place. Though choose one far enough out and "roughly" can mean almost anything. Relative to Alpha Centauri we're practically on mars and with respect to the Andromeda Galaxy we might as well be in Alpha Centauri. Maybe from a pan-galactic perspective we're pretty much sitting in the same place our entire lives.

Then again, if you're thinking relatively, you can sort of just put yourself wherever you want to if you keep shifting your frame of reference. You can be the center of your own universe if you please. Though I imagine the equations one would need fabricate to keep such a Ptolemaic-like system in place would become increasingly absurd.

Now what was the whole point of this again? try and distract myself.

Mission accomplished, I guess.


Lambie said...

If only I could shift time. Thank you for the momentary distraction :)

Debi Cummings said...

May you find peace in the distractions and where ever else you can.
Sending love...