Friday, July 21, 2006

Shout out to my Honey Bunny

Your family wanted to give you a holler (or a meow in some cases) and wish you a safe trip home. Here are the greetings I was told to pass on to you.

First from Rocky (aka "Rocky Rockstar", aka "Rocky Road", aka "Monster")
"Let me, no, let me in the wait, I wanna go! I'm the kitten I'm supposed to get all the attention. Geez! Obviously Steve can not handle me on his own. I REALLY need two people to give me the sort of attention that a Monster Kitty needs. I miss you."

Next was from Satchmo (aka "Satch", aka "Boy Cat")
"I've tried to keep everyone in line here while you've been away. It's probably a hopeless causes, but that never stopped you so I'm following your lead. That Rocky just doesn't listen to anybody, though. I've kept my sister safe and made sure she has been going outside, keeping her spirits up. I've even managed to drag Soren out of the closet a few times. Come home soon. We all miss you and love you."

Then Soren (aka "Sore-sore", aka "Psycho-kitty", aka "Baby Cat")
"I have decided that I am going to be totally, completely and irrevocably anti-social until you return home. That's all I have to say. Oh, and I love you."

Finally, Momo (aka "Mosey, aka "Mo-Z")
"Hi mama. I miss you. It's just not the same without you. Steve just doesn't play with me as much as you do. I try to bring the toy to him in the morning, but it's just not the same. Even though its terribly hot here I miss being snuggled under the covers. I love you. Chome home soon."

The rest of your family wanted to say a word or two as well.

I think that covers it except for me. For my part I just want you to know that everyone here is actually doing well (kitties and all). Mostly, we all just want you to take time for yourself and remember that eveyone loves you very very much. As a parting note, I will share this week's fortune from Cathy's regular Friday night chinese food.

Fortune Cookie

I love you.

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That's a pretty awesome blog with the videos. Thanks! Love you too.