Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Can't sleep. Probably the heat. That and the fact that Zane never called back tonight on her trip home is definitely weighing a bit on my mind. Hopefully she is stopped and resting someplace safe between Nebraska and here. Watched TV. Read a chapter in my book. Was going to actually write in my journal, but ended up reading my entire journal from the first few months of 1998 (a very tumultuous time). Still can't sleep. Perhaps I should go for a run, though at 2am it would probably guarantee that I am awake the entire night. So here I am discovering that the term "insomniacal" appears almost exclusively on blogs. What should I do now? What would Aristotle do?

I guess I should do what I decided to do in the first place, what I haven't done in far too long. Time to put private thoughts to paper (rather than public thoughts to web page).

Have a safe journey home, honey. No matter where you are at the moment.

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