Sunday, August 06, 2006

Captivating Captiva

Here in Orlando for Frederick's AAU U14 National Basketball Tournamnent. The teams play went from good to bad to worse. Basically, we played good and blew out two teams in the first two games. The third game we cracked under the pressure of a really good team. We carried the low confidence into our first bracket game and lost to a team that we really should have beaten. This put us in the loosers bracket where, today, we were eleminated. The teamed played much better in the final game against a fairly evenly matched team. Poor shooting, especially at the line, did us in. My summary is that the team is just not cohesive and lacks the discipline to execute as they should in big games. My personal opinion is that the biggest factor is not enough consistent practice with continued drilling of the fundamentals and teamwork.

Anyway, the loose in the first bracket game came in an 8:30am game giving Zane and I a full day to ourselves snice the next game wasn't until the following day. We decided to drive out to Captiva where Zane used to go with her mom when she was young. Captiva is a thin, sliver of an Island on the Guld side of Florida. It is a very small, very exclusive, VERY beautiful high-end vacation area. There is only one parking lot for public beach access so we parked in the villa complex where she used to stay (or what it has become). The beach was soft white sand and the water Gulf-of-Mexico warm. We didn't have any place to change so we both just jumped in with our shorts. It was wonderful. Then, I layed on the beach while Zane explored and tried to recapture some positive childhood memories. We didn't stay long, but it was a welcome break from Orlando vacation central and youth basketball intensity. The drive, the beach, all worth it.

It made me think that it has been a very long time since Zane and I have just taken a real vacation together. I can't remember the last trip that didn't revolve around something else or someone else's timeframe. Perhaps Cambria, before the boys. I know, I know, my next trip I promised to make a solo journey because I owe it to both myself and to Zane. But, after that, I want to take a trip together. On a solo note, the thing that sticks with me from the day is lying there on the beach. It brought back memories of Cabo for me. The only real, do not, just be, vacation I have ever taken on my own. That is what I need to retain. Now Zane is off to work in Seattle and I am here to entertain myself until Wednesday. We both should make the most of it.