Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bio book

An old friend recently contacted me. I could very well say "my old friend" as Kevin is really the only person I hung out with in High School that I maintained any sort of contact with beyond college. He currently writes the background for exhibits at the Natural History Museum in New York, but managed to get a job at the Exploratorium and will be moving back to the Bay Area. He is trying to get me to go to our 20th High School Reunion. I'm still balking at it a bit, but I did go to the online site and fill out the info for my "Bio Book". Here is the best I could do in the limited space given and the limited time I was willing to put in:

Software Engineering
Wife, Zane (Suzanne).
Two adopted kids, Jefferson 20, Frederick 15.
3 cats.
Travel, Trail running, Philosophy, Hiking, Reading, More travel
Obviously graduated high school. Went to UC Davis. Got a BS in CS. Moved to Silicon Valley and went to work in "the biz". Big company, small company, smaller company, startup, boom, bust, burnout, back to a big company. Currently, Director of Engineering at Sony Corporation.

Met my wife at a Philosophy study group
(Ayn Rand). Became friends. Became more. She moved in. Long story made way too short, we ended up taking guardianship over two amazing boys. Life changed. Kids, house, honeymoon, SUV, marriage (yes, in that order).

One kid now in college, the other in high school. Still residing in the 'burbs. Striving to keep life as the ever-changing, always interesting, passionate, wild ride it ought to be.

Me at Torres

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