Monday, September 03, 2007


Recognition seems to be a theme this week; whether the recognition of mental notes bubbling up from one’s sub-conscious or, in another’s situation, recognizing the ghosts of the past as they creep in to haunt the new life that he is only starting to be build. It’s not necessarily a case of past deeds left unfinished or the direct consequence of past actions, but simply the spirit of old behaviors and modes of being; allowing oneself to fall into certain situations, reacting in ways that bring about undesired responses or simply the collection of unchecked habits that seem to always lead one to places that end in the question “why me?” The “why” is in the recognition. Recognizing that the “bad luck” that seems to follow you around is influenced greatly by all the decisions that you make (many of them without much thought), is the first step in affecting real change in your situation. Without the recognition those past behaviors, patterns and premises will continue to haunt you; silently and subtly directing your actions and placing you into predicaments that you swear are exactly what you’ve trying to avoid.

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