Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Perfect Paragraph

I've decided to focus on the paragraph. While I truly love the essay, how it forces structure on my internal musings and allows me to thrust them out in a seemingly organized fashion on my readers--imagined though they may be--it has become clear to me that this longer form of exposition, coupled with my obsessive nature, has become a barrier to my writing more regularly. Certainly, having just read that last, one could conclude that I still have much to learn about sentences and, perhaps, even taking on the paragraph is being a bit ambitious. I can't necessarily argue otherwise, but committing oneself to sit down and write a single sentence doesn't really cut it. So, the paragraph it is. I will endeavor to write at least one each day, whether it be here on this (mostly) ignored blog, over on my more popular (but still mostly unread) blog or in my private journal (which, of course, only I read).

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joyisonesfuel said...

sentence=fragments with punctuation?