Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just a tinge

I wouldn't so much call it humor, more like a slight edge of whimsy. Whatever the name, I prefer my writing to have a certain lightness to it. However, when life seems a bit too humorless, such writing becomes difficult. Writing, for me, is less a didactic pursuit than one of self-fulfillment. It provides some structure to my often circular thinking and helps convey things that my poor oratory skills render impossible. But, mostly, I write because I enjoy the process. I entertain myself with the idea that it's a reflection of a better self, one I can carefully craft to sound exactly as I wish. Of course, its nice to imagine I'm pondering deep thoughts, but really, its more important to simply be able to look back at what I've said and smile. When I've nothing happy to write about, at least, perhaps, I can find some amusement in how I've writ it.

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